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    I'm Kristen, a natural-light photographer in Chico, CA. I specialize in all families, from just in the belly to home visiting during a break in college. I love dramatic lighting, stunning nature, and loving families.

    All of my clients love their families so much, I am just there to let you shine. I know all about babies, children, families, and your love. You will walk away from a session with modern, clean, and emotional photographs that will be treasured forever.

4 Month Twins – Chico, CA Twin Photographer

Four months and all full of cuteness.  What a challenge!  True to form, these 2 little siblings pretty much did opposite of each other. One was happy, one was not. When all was said and done, I think there’s enough cuteness to go around.  I can’t even imagine how much fun these two will have growing up together.  Congrats L Family, you two are saints!



Kristin Rasmussen - I am dying at how adorable these pics are!! Especially love the babies in the suitcase. Priceless!!

A Chilly First Birthday ~ Chico Children’s Photographer

It was a chilly birthday, but little Christopher was a trooper.  He was just as happy as can be.  Can you even tell how cold it was that day from the smiling face of the birthday guy?




His family wanted his session on his actual first birthday.  So fun!  We definitely lucked out that it didn’t start pouring and they will be able to look back on these pictures and smile.


This is definitely a Disney family 🙂



Lauren - So cute! What a good idea to do his photos ON his birthday! Nice work Kristen, these are fantastic!

Jennifer B - Thank you so much for the wonderful photos, Kirsten! I can’t wait to share them with my family and add his 1 year photo to his book. We did monthly photos on his “birthday” so we could see how much he grew. It’s amazing how much the can change from month to month!

nancy brewer - what a beautiful baby. great photos…

Fabulous Things, February {Chico CA Photographer}

I’m going to make it my goal to post things that I love, think are fabulous, or find helpful, on a regular basis.  They may be major, they may be small and mundane.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…


Beautiful packaging and vintage finds.

I have a small growing collection of vintage cameras.  I usually search etsy and then narrow my search to see if any are local, to pick up myself and avoid shipping costs.   I purchased this lovely Brownie Bull’s-Eye from Pop Quiz 123.   My new-to-me little camera came in the cutest, personalize packaging, and was even hand-delivered to my door while one of the owners was out and about!  Owners Kathy & Vanessa also have a homeware shop, Flume Street.  This vintage mahogany tray, along with a whole bunch of other things, are really tempting me.



Please tell me everyone else is as obsessed as I am!  You can feel organized without really doing a thing.  Some of the ideas in my head, I can really start to see take shape on a board.  I am so in love with Pinterest!

Sometimes though it’s so hard to get sucked in carried away.  On one of my boards, “For the Boys,” an Airstream (top right) may not be feasible, however, the magnet board (top left) is a nice idea.


Without Pinterest I may not have had the quick thinking to not get rid of this old frame.  I wouldn’t have known right away that I could easily turn it into a magnet board for my oldest!  And now it’s so nice & easy to have his ABC magnets in his room, instead of falling off of the fridge.  So really, that is not time wasted, that is money & sanity saved!  Right?!

Don’t you love how neat and clean he keeps his room?  (Cracking myself up.)

If you need an invite to Pinterest, please let me know!  And if you want to follow me, you can find me HERE.  Pinterest does have some great uses!  I have a friend who looks at other friend’s boards to see their interests to use when she is having them over for dinner, when taking a friend a home-cooked meal, and when gift shopping.   Too sweet.


And last (and somewhat least), my Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal.

I don’t know how kids instinctively know how to dislike the crust of bread.  Seriously.  Mine has just started rejecting the crust of bread and it really bugs me when he leaves it untouched on his plate.  Plus, he’s not that great at determining what is/isn’t crust, so he has started to leave a lot untouched.  Enter Cut-N-Seal.  Now I cut his sandwich, he eats it all, and I get a side sandwich.  Functional & adorable, sometimes the little things make my day.

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Jennifer Dana - Im loving the sandwhich cut and seal.. thats amazing. I’ll note that just in case I need it later on. So far, they eat it but who knows!

Jennifer B - Alex hates the crust too. We use cookie cutters for his sandwiches. I use different cutters depending on the holiday/event that is going on. He loves it and I have figured out how to get the most of the sandwich using several shapes and sizes. And I really need to get into pinterest. I started my account, pinned a few things and that’s about it.

Almond Blooms {Photographer Chico, CA}

When will the almond blooms be back this year?  Pretty soon!  The almond blooms make a beautiful backdrop for any child or family  session.  Can you imagine your little sweetheart on this little wagon?

Look how gorgeous it will look in your home for you to gaze upon each and every day!  This is a 16 by 24 gallery wrapped canvas in my youngest’s room.  (And that little noise machine is the best invention ever, one of my favorite baby gadgets.)

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Amber - Love that picture! So pretty! And, we have that sound machine too, well had that machine. It got so much use the projector finally gave out.

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