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    I'm Kristen, a natural-light photographer in Chico, CA. I specialize in all families, from just in the belly to home visiting during a break in college. I love dramatic lighting, stunning nature, and loving families.

    All of my clients love their families so much, I am just there to let you shine. I know all about babies, children, families, and your love. You will walk away from a session with modern, clean, and emotional photographs that will be treasured forever.

3 and 1/2, Can’t forget the 1/2!~ Chico, CA Child Photographer

My oldest baby is 3 1/2.  Three must be the magic number where kids start counting half years?  We haven’t encountered the halves before this.  We told him when he was 2 1/2, but this time, he knew for sure.

Once in a while you’ll get to see my babies gracing my blog.  I just can’t help it!  It’s hard to keep up with taking pictures of my own kids, but every time I do, I’m so glad I did.   Last year I photographed Jackson for his half birthday in the poppies.  I decided to photograph him this year again in the poppies, and they did not disappoint!  I just love California poppies and their vibrant color.  If you’ve noticed throughout my photography, I just LOVE color, and there’s something about a funky orange that is too fabulous!  I had to reminisce and look back at last year’s poppy pictures.  I can’t believe how different and older he looks.  I can’t believe how fast the years are beginning to fly.  Whoever said, “The days are slow, but the years are fast,” is completely accurate.



I promise I did not tell him to pose.  I don’t know where he saw this, or if he was just stashing some rocks in his pockets.

I think I just may have to frame these next two in a fun, teal, custom Organic Bloom frame!  (Let me know if you would like any info on them.)  I’m going to run out of walls one of these days.



My youngest turns one next month.  One!  We’re going all out, so at first I thought I might start forgetting their half birthdays, but since they’re right around the time of the year when the other’s birthday is, I think I can remember.  So I will definitely be posting my youngest’s birthday and cake smash picture session.  Be prepared for some serious cuteness!

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M family, adding one more ~ Chico, CA Family Photography

The sweet M family came down from Corning, CA for their session that captured it all.  We covered child, family, and maternity photographs all in one!  They were such a darling and fun family, soon to be family of four.

Little Sean was full of spunk.  Poor little guy fell asleep in the car on the way here and had to wake up for our time together.  I know there are some times I just do not want to wake up until I’m ready.  We were definitely able to coax his sweet little self out of sleep though.  Once he was up, he was a sweet ball of energy, and I was so happy to be able to capture some of that youthful spunk.  How I wish I had that kind of energy!

Congratulations on the upcoming addition M Family!

Lincoln ~ Chico Children and Kid Photography

Meet Lincoln.  Lincoln is perhaps one of the coolest, hippest kids I’ve met.  He has a little help from his mom’s awesome styling and dad’s wheels.  I had so much fun chasing this little guy around and photographing him before he gets any bigger.

I could not for the life of me figure out why I was so drawn to this next image.  The red wall, the white shirt, jeans, and the black Vans.  I LOVE it.  A client came over and I remembered why, while I was showing them a canvas of my little guy, with a red wall, white shirt, jeans, and black Vans, taken by the lovely Sarah Lane.  I love that canvas.  I stare at it every. single. day. and wonder how my first baby got so big.  I think I would just die without that canvas 🙂

This last image screamed black & white to me.  So glad we froze your sweetness in time, little Lincoln.  It will be all too soon before you’re asking Dad to borrow the keys.  🙂

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Stephanie - What a handsome little guy! Great job, Kristen!

Krista Lapp - Nice work Kristen! I love these pics!!

dana - Kristen, your work is SO good. Love these. And what a cutie- love his name too. <3

Gavin is One! ~Chico Smash Cake Photographer

Oh how I love photographing the Hudsons!  I cannot believe Gavin is turning one!  I photographed the Hudsons for their family pictures last Fall.  In just these few short months that have past, Gavin is now walking and a little firecracker!  He has grown into quite the little toddler.  I cannot believe how that happened SO fast!

At the end of their family session, our plan was to have Gavin’s special cake smash.  Gavin took one quick taste and let us know that he was finished and we would be trying another day.  Call me sentimental, but I think the screaming baby pictures as much keepers as the happy baby ones.

And was a much happier camper the next go around.

Happy Birthday, Gavin!



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