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    I'm Kristen, a natural-light photographer in Chico, CA. I specialize in all families, from just in the belly to home visiting during a break in college. I love dramatic lighting, stunning nature, and loving families.

    All of my clients love their families so much, I am just there to let you shine. I know all about babies, children, families, and your love. You will walk away from a session with modern, clean, and emotional photographs that will be treasured forever.

Bigger Really is Better ~ Chico Family Photographer

I wanted to share with you a mistake that I recently made with my own family pictures to show you that bigger really is better!  I know we have all heard it before, but my mistake will really show you how it holds true.

After my own family session I was so, so excited to get one of our images HUGE on our wall.  Besides capturing memories of our family, getting it up on the wall is part of point right?  I made an order to a frame company for a new style of hardwood frame that I also wanted to be able to offer to clients.  As much as I LOVE my Organic Bloom Frames, I didn’t think that style would quite fit with the style we already have going on in our living room.  I wanted to be able to offer both a fun & also a classic style frame to clients.

I got our frame and quickly put it up,

….and was kind of disappointed.  It didn’t stand up to the presentation I was hoping for.  I was also noticing that people had to keep leaning in to see the picture.  Definitely not the ‘wow’ I was aiming for!  And in my opinion, the frame was nothing special.  Nothing I would be excited about offering to clients.

The small frame combined with the other small frames I’d collected over the years was starting to feel a bit cluttered.  When I work with clients on their holiday cards, I usually find myself saying that one big fabulous picture on a card makes more of an impact then a small collage with little pictures.  My living room was starting to look like a small collage.  In my personal life, clutter = more chaos (and more stuff to clean), and with two small boys, I have enough chaos in my life, thank you very much.

I reordered from a different framing company and made the frame bigger.  And this is how happy I am that I didn’t settle, (the new one is hung on the exact same nail as the old one 🙂 )

Wow, right? Exactly what I was hoping for!  Not only do I smile every time walking into our living room now, I am SO happy I found a wonderful new framing company.  This frame is gorgeous and totally customizable.  The frames are offered in both neutral or fun colors, but have a classic feel to them.  I went with an antique white frame, but was able to get a teal undercoat underneath that shows through once it was distressed.  Everything was so customizable and quick!


Before & After

So what did I do with the measly other frame that wasn’t going to get any use?  I turned it into a Pinterest project I have been dying to do 🙂  My earrings are now thankful for that frame.

All three of those beautiful pairs of earrings from the lovely Erin, of Gypsy Sol Designs. Who also went to Chico!


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Analia - I love it!! Sooo cute, would you please tell me where dod you order the frame? I just need one and I looked everywhere and like you The Organic Bloom frames are beautiful but not the style for my house! Please share with me, Thank you so much!


Amber - Looks much better! What size print did you end up using on the final picture? Love the pinterest project too. Pinterest has seriously changed my home for the better. 🙂

kristenp - The final picture is 15 by 30, with a 6 inch frame, bringing the final frame to 27 by 42! I seriously love it and can’t stop staring at the frame and how it looks in the room. And I seriously want more earrings now because I wear them all the time now that I can see them all on display!

kristenp - And I just LOVE your pins, Amber! Keep them coming 🙂

Courtney - Beautiful and so helpful!! If you can please share where you got your final frame too. I love it and have been looking for something customizable and large for forever! Thanks 🙂

kristenp - Thanks everyone! If you are either a professional photographer and interested in offering these to clients, or wishing to purchase from me directly, please email me for information! kristenprivet (at)

Charissa ~ Chico, CA Maternity Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing Charissa’s maternity session.  This session made me wish, really, really badly, that I had done a maternity session!  This is Charissa’s fourth and, most likely, final little one, and she wanted to document it for all of her pregnancies.  Charissa is just the sweetest and most calm mother you will find.  I seriously don’t know how she manages all of three so, so calmly.  I’m sure a fourth will be a piece of cake for them.  Her kids are lucky to have her and you would not believe how sweet, polite, and well behaved they are.  New little guy will be one lucky little brother.


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Mom and MeMa - Isn’t this the most precious thing. I am so proud of you and can’t wait until number 4 arrives. Love you.

Heavenly Avonlee ~ Chico Child and Children’s Photographer » Kristen Privett Photography - […] ruffled teepee online, I knew exactly who to ask.  Thank you, thank you to the ever talented Charissa.  9 months pregnant and still doesn’t slow down.  Now I have one for the boys to play in […]

The B Family ~ Chico, CA Family Photographer

Meet the B Family.  So sweet, so beautiful.  The thing with photographing families, is that you get a little glimpse into their lives.  I can only imagine how wonderful the lives of the B Family are.  Sofia came ready to perform and has a bit of spunk.  We figured out how to capture her real smile, instead of her smile for the camera smile, and definitely captured some real joy.  Caleb was just the smiliest baby and made my job quite easy.

I hope you enjoy, B Family!  It was my pleasure and great to meet you!

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Miranda - Oh my gosh, Kristen! I love every one of them!!!!! You are so talented! Thank you so much for these memories that we will cherish forever!

Tina - These are stunning….love them ALL 🙂 Love the B’s 🙂

Deb - These are such GREAT pictures! Kristen you have captured some beautiful moments in time. And the “light” will shine on them forever! Thank you for giving us this moment. Beautiful photography for a beautiful family. 🙂

Finn ~ Chico, CA Child Photography

Finn = pretty much the happiest kid ever.  Finn is such a sweet and adorable, almost one year old!  He has the most amazing blue eyes and too cute smile.

Not only did Finn’s parents luck out at having the happiest baby in town, but so did Finn with the parents he landed.  Let me tell you, so so sweet and nice.  The kind of people everybody wished lived right next door to be able to hang out with all the time. 🙂  And they are seriously funny.  I was cracking up at them entertaining Finn while I was photographing him.  Finn would laugh just about whenever anybody else was laughing.  He already knows how to make people feel funny & special, must be in his genes.  Finn and his parents made it a pretty easy session & I hope to see them again soon!



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Sarah - Gorgeous!!

Just Us ~ Chico, CA Photographer

I rarely have the opportunity to get in front of the camera.  I spend so much of my time and simply love capturing other people’s  beautiful moments.  But, photographing my family, as a whole, is also very important to me.  I love my little family.  These are some of the most fun & ever-changing times when they’re little, and I don’t want to forget it.  We’ve had our family photographs taken three times now (once a year since having kids, which I think is the perfect amount to have family pictures taken) and am always so, so happy once we have.  I already have one of these huge on my wall, and it seriously puts a smile on my face every single time I walk by it.

I am just so happy to have found Bree.  It was hard for me to find a photographer with a style similar to mine, who would capture the natural love & fun of our family.  Bree did a wonderful job, and if you are down in the Sacramento area, I highly recommend her!  We have been driving down to the Bay Area to get our pictures before these, and I’m so glad to have found someone a bit closer.


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Jen - These are beautiful Kristen! And look at what a hottie you are! 🙂

kristenp - Aww, thank you Jen!

Bigger Really is Better ~ Chico Family Photographer » Kristen Privett Photography - […] my own family session I was so, so excited to get one of our images HUGE on our wall.  Besides capturing memories of […]

Jenn - WOW!!!! What a beautiful family you have and what a gorgeous woman you have become!

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