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    I'm Kristen, a natural-light photographer in Chico, CA. I specialize in all families, from just in the belly to home visiting during a break in college. I love dramatic lighting, stunning nature, and loving families.

    All of my clients love their families so much, I am just there to let you shine. I know all about babies, children, families, and your love. You will walk away from a session with modern, clean, and emotional photographs that will be treasured forever.

Holden & Family ~ Chico, Oroville, Durham Family Photographer

The M Family is so sweet, loving, and funny.  3 month old Holden is just so handsome.  Mark my word, that boy is going to break some hearts without even trying.  I had such a great time photographing the M Family.  Holden was having a serious day, but we got some great ones in some great light of this beautiful family.  Enjoy!

On a side note, I need some serious help with some new adjectives.  I can’t help but use sweet, adorable, stunning, and lovely to describe all of my clients.  They just all are!
Totally getting the hang of tummy time.This has to be one of my favorite outtakes of all time.

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Arielle ~ 2012 Cutest Kid Contest Winner

Meet Arielle, the 2012 Cutest Kid Contest Winner!  I had the pleasure of photographing Arielle for the session she won.  What an easy-going, little darling.  Arielle was so happy the entire time.  She is such a cutie and I just love the blond hair she’s growing!  It was definitely in the fun baby-growing out stage, but I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with her blond hair when she’s older.

The Cutest Kid Contest was such a hit, that it will definitely happen in 2013!  So keep a watch out for information in the coming year! Thankfully, I did not having to do any ‘judging’ and there was really no judging about who or what photo was the cutest. (‘likes’ on the picture was the only competitive part.)  All of the entries were so darling.  Even Arielle’s parents were saying during her session how cute they were and that they voted for more kids than just Arielle.  I think they would agree that everybody should try to enter next year, they will be getting digital images of all of these photographs of their sweetie.

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The G Family ~ Chico, CA Family Photographer

I am so lucky to have met the G Family!  They are just hilarious & their two daughters could not be sweeter.  Merin & Ava are just going to be the sweetest sisters.  There are times when it is tough to photograph an older sibling with a younger one, and Merin had no problems showing how much she loves her new little sister.

I can almost feel the crisp, fresh air and sweet scent of Fall beginning to come in these photographs!  I hope the G Family will be so happy to have these taken before Holidays & Winter.  Especially once it’s time to stay inside where it’s nice & warm.  Getting everyone ready for photographs can be a production, getting everyone dressed & out of the house!  But, once we’re finished, nobody ever regrets or forgets their gorgeous family photos.  We have lots of fun in the process too.  Enjoy G Family!

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Carol - Beautiful pictures!
Thanks so much for sharing.

Photographer Session ~ Chico Photography for Families

I had the opportunity to photograph with the wonderful Katelyn Owens and her beautiful family last week.   Katelyn is a wonderful wedding photographer here in town.  I just love, love meeting other photographers.  I know we have a different eye & expectation for sessions and it is truly an honor when one of them chooses me to photograph their families.  Their little guy Ryden is such a cutie & quite a ham!

Thank you for letting me capture this season of your lives, Owens family!  There is absolutely nothing like having family pictures taken with your first baby.  I still look at our first family pictures taken when Jackson was a baby and am so thankful for them.  I know I just would have regretted not getting them taken because they make me smile at how little & squishy he was.  The Owens are the sweetest fun-loving family and their love of life and one another just shines through their photographs.  Enjoy!

This is Jameson’s tough guy face.  Did I forget to tell you guys how much I love the name Jameson? It is my little Colby’s middle name 🙂

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Vineyard Newborn ~ Chico Custom Photographer

Sometimes it’s all about that one shot that everyone was hoping for.  A parents’ precious first baby boy in the vineyards that he will grow up in.  That he will all-too-soon be running through, making forts & memories in.  I’m so glad the P Family wanted to document their adorable Jackson (one of my favorite names, of course) when he was this little, in their soon-to-be boutique winery.  He’ll never again be as little as this day.

Little Jackson has kept his parents on their toes with a bit of jaundice his first week of life.  I know all too well how tiring it can be (both my boys were kept in the hospital for it).  But you wouldn’t have guessed it at all with these two, some of the sweetest & happiest first time parents I’ve met.  Congratulations P Family, Jackson is perfect!

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