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Where do sessions take place? Sessions take place in the location of your choice.  I know of many locations and usually can match them to the session feel and end result you are looking for.  Your session will look amazing.


How long are sessions? Sessions are a fun experience and never rushed.  The time we are together can vary between 45 minutes-2 hours.  I am focusing on capturing the best images possible, not focused on time.


Can we change outfits?  Sure, we can even change locations, and usually do.  But, if you have small children I wouldn’t recommend changing their outfits more than once.  Kids are usually the ones who let us know when the session is wrapping up.  We all know how that goes.


Do you do studio? No.  Why?  Because I’m one of those people who thinks that studio portraits look dated, even if they were taken last week. A studio is just not a natural place for someone to have portraits taken.  Shots are posed and a bit cheesy.  How often in real life do you sit down with your family on colored paper?  People are meant to be outside in nature’s beauty.


When should I book my newborn’s session?  Unfortunately, I am no longer photographing newborns.


Couldn’t I just go to the Picture People or Sears and pay a little bit less?  Sure you can, go right ahead.  But, really professional photography is not much more, yet worth so much more.  Just ask yourself, which is your favorite wedding picture?  The one where you’re both posed and smiling at the camera or the one where you’re walking out of the church, smiling and gazing at each other, one of the happiest moments of your life.  I can capture that moment with your family, or child, or fiance, or whomever.  We’ll do the smiling shots for grandma & grandpa, but we’ll capture the pure love and joy you have for today. And you won’t have to deal with the sales-pitches for a bigger package, or somebody tapping their toes waiting for the next appointment.

I probably shouldn’t say this, but I highly recommend against trusting your precious memories to learning, hobby, & friend photographers.  Most cherished memories only happen once, and poof, they are gone.  I know I wish I had invested in newborn photographs of my firstborn, but that time is gone and now I can only wish.  Oh, I really do wish I had.  We had our first family professional photos taken when he  turned one and now will never go back.  Photographs from a professional photographer are always worth the extra investment.  Always.


Can I buy the CD? Yes.  Digital images are on a custom USB Flash Drive so it’s convenient for you for printing and sharing.


Can you photoshop me? Editing on all gallery pictures is included.  If I notice something unsightly, I will fix it.  Don’t worry, I have two kids.  I stay up a little too late and like to eat a little too much.  I understand.  Everybody wants to look their best and I will make sure you do.


Do I have to be in the photos?  Of course not, but you should.  Do you want your children to only remember what you look like when they are grown up and have children also?  Or do you want them to have a memory of you holding them and gazing at them proudly?  Like you do (almost) every day.  They’ll cherish those photos, I know they will. I know I do.  And don’t worry, I’ll make you look your best.


 {my mama & me, me & my oldest}


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